Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sorry world!

So its summer time- we all know what that means-partying- nights out, and barely any time on the laptop! so I apologies now for my lack of writing over the past few weeks, it could possibly be even months! In the past Month I have been ultra busy!

2. my sister turned 18! were we went horse riding on massive shire horses- and my dad rode the biggest used horse for trekking in the UK!
3. I have worked non-stop!
4. My best friends 21st extravaganza (over the course of 2 weekends)
5. watching Private Practice on box set with my sister before she starts university in a couple of weeks
6. Spending time with the other half!
7. indulging in some retail therapy and dining out
8. looking for jobs
9. Buying myself some books to read- and I haven't even stared them yet!
10. and basically I have just been enjoying myself- except for the rejection letters!

Hope everyone else is having a good summer!