Thursday, 28 June 2012


So, today I got up and so totally should have been packing for my holiday on Sunday, but as normal i ended up watching How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill instead. After this it was time for work! FUN! nooo i don't mind it actually! I need some way to fund my dedication to shopping! I enjoyed watching people coming in really wet and watching the horrific rain-because if it was sunny I would be extremely jealous but working in the rain always seems that bit better!

I can't wait for the end of the euro's football talk and watching is getting extremely boring! but Thursday night is comedy night! I have a total love for 2 broke girls and Don't trust the bitch in apartment 23!

My day was sooo uninteresting- well it will be for anyone reading this because nothing of any excitement happened at all!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Reality tv < reality

For my post today I want to offer my view on the idea of reality T.V programmes and are they real?  Turn on the television around 10 at night and I am certain you will definitely find a pragramme that has something to do with reality or a version of it! Personally I have one guilty pleasure which is Keeping up With the Kardashians, I think the reason I like it is that the people are unknowingly funny with their ways, as they are so 'over the top' about everything. I bet they could make a big deal out of a cheese sandwich! 
Looking though papers during the week or through magazines there are people who have became apart of the tabloids due to programmes such as TOWIE, Geordie Shore and Jersey Shore! The people have done nothing that is actually worth while and the majority of the people are thick, or they act that way to gain views. They are making money by just being rich, on the whole they are not good examples to the people who are watching them. They have money to be able to waste and then people want to be like them so they go out and attempt to spend similar amounts of money to them. Is this really a good example to set? and it it right that for just acting in 'scripted reality' they are making a fortune? 
The term scripted reality itself suggests the ironic sense of all the programmes. The worst programme, which I admit i do watch sometimes, is 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom. The fact that there is numerous seasons and the amount of money that the people are making is in a way promoting teen pregnancy- but can you name a couple who have made it through?  
For now the path is scripted reality before this it was programmes like big brother that was big, what is going to be next? the lives of 'ordinary people'?

Friday, 15 June 2012

Proposed fine on Motorway driving!

Living in England the main roads of transport across the country is the motorway! Imagine the lanes are numbered 1,2,3 going left to right. Lane number 1 is the 'keep to the left' lane where you should remain unless you are overtaking. Number 2 lane is where you over take traffic going slower in lane 1 as well as being used to allow new cars merging onto the motorway from slip roads and can be used by cars towing things and lorries, lane 3 is only allowed to be used by cars and is called the 'fast lane' that can be used for over taking lanes 1 and 2.
The government has, in the past few days, proposed a new fine for middle lane (lane 2) hoggers. These are the people who basically never move from the middle lane. Due to this they can cause more problems than those who are going slower in the 1st lane. This is because it is illegal to undertake a car on the motorway and the cars cause a serious risk. I normally think that there are too many fines in place for motorists- do not even get me started on why people can't use a phone but can smoke! I believe that this is an extremely good idea that should be fined as I believe it will help to lower accidents on the motorway. 
The reason that people do this wrong however is that they lack proper guidance on what is the correct protocol on a motorway. I know this as I have only been passed for 5 years,  and my dad taught me well and I have frequently commuted on a motorway. On the other hand I have friends who are predominately drivers in the city and sometimes their motorway driving is scary, I obviously then become a passenger driver! But the issue here is that people such as my friends should be given adequate lessons within their driving lessons which people pay a small fortune for!
Does anyone else think it is a good idea or does someone else believe something else should be done?  

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wrong time of the year- but how beautiful is this view from my bedroom window?

Day 3, of the week

Well, today I got a job interview and signed up to a free course next week so I feel this week is looking up so far! I feel like I want to add some humor from my every day life into this- for someone relevantly intelligent I come out with some stupid stuff, which I only realise when I think about what has came out of my mouth! Does anyone else feel like they do something similar?
I am contemplating giving writing my own book a try- for all the ones that I have read I am sure I will be able to come out with something- whether it is good or not is a different matter!
If I was going to put down ideas and draft writing down, would any one be interested in reading this? or am I just being stupid?
For now, I think I will upload some different photos and see what people make of those!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Saturday Night

So, being a typical British summer night it was raining on and off. Also being what can only be described as a typical girl from the UK I was out on the town, in my beautiful dress, if I do say so myself, and amazing heels! spending the little money I have on having a good time- being sensible though I managed to have a bottle of wine earlier so the entire night was cheaper- BIG plus! Having a girly night- was great to have a dance! one of the funniest parts was when we went to the toilet when the final bar call was mentioned, end up sitting chatting by the sinks- by the time we left the toilets the lights were on the staff were cleaning and we had to be escorted out as the door had been locked!  I look forward to the next night already!

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: From Notting Hill with Love Actually

 I have a love of clothes, music, hair, make up, books, tv, films and going places! So I intend to write my perspective and hopefully you will add your views so a discussion can be created! I won't be writing too much, because I get bored if I have to read for ever and ever and in some cases (such as films and books) I will attempt to not give away endings! so lets begin with my first review:

This book was written by Ali McNamara in 2010. The book is a totally cheesy girly indulgent book. It has a simple story that is easy to follow without the need for a lot of extra thinking. The ending is predictable, possibly from the blurb, if you are as good at me as guessing endings! The book was a pleasure to read that I would recommend to any girl who wanted something easy and enjoyable to read! You find yourself trying to find references to movies in your life to! Its a perfect summer read for by the pool!


I have been away for the weekend of celebrations, can anyone guess where I am, by that I mean the country!

Friday, 1 June 2012

The Ancient Egyptian Exhibition

Sooo, for the past month my local museum has been displaying an exhibition about the Ancient Egyptians. Being a bit of a history nerd i totally had to go!! It did not disappoint and it was amazing! The mummy's face was covered over- i bet that would have been a disgusting sight to see but the cask had amazing colours on it; to think that it had been persevered for 6000 years and remained that vivid was incomprehensible to me! Another amazing thing was to think there had been a pharaoh that had ruled for 67 years, which is 7 years longer than the reign of the queen on this jubilee weekend! There was a dress up area for children to dress up like Egyptians, i so wish that I could have done that; I had a go with the musical instruments though! :D