Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Day 3, of the week

Well, today I got a job interview and signed up to a free course next week so I feel this week is looking up so far! I feel like I want to add some humor from my every day life into this- for someone relevantly intelligent I come out with some stupid stuff, which I only realise when I think about what has came out of my mouth! Does anyone else feel like they do something similar?
I am contemplating giving writing my own book a try- for all the ones that I have read I am sure I will be able to come out with something- whether it is good or not is a different matter!
If I was going to put down ideas and draft writing down, would any one be interested in reading this? or am I just being stupid?
For now, I think I will upload some different photos and see what people make of those!

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