Friday, 1 June 2012

The Ancient Egyptian Exhibition

Sooo, for the past month my local museum has been displaying an exhibition about the Ancient Egyptians. Being a bit of a history nerd i totally had to go!! It did not disappoint and it was amazing! The mummy's face was covered over- i bet that would have been a disgusting sight to see but the cask had amazing colours on it; to think that it had been persevered for 6000 years and remained that vivid was incomprehensible to me! Another amazing thing was to think there had been a pharaoh that had ruled for 67 years, which is 7 years longer than the reign of the queen on this jubilee weekend! There was a dress up area for children to dress up like Egyptians, i so wish that I could have done that; I had a go with the musical instruments though! :D

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  1. When i was younger i used to love ancient Egyptian history.