Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: From Notting Hill with Love Actually

 I have a love of clothes, music, hair, make up, books, tv, films and going places! So I intend to write my perspective and hopefully you will add your views so a discussion can be created! I won't be writing too much, because I get bored if I have to read for ever and ever and in some cases (such as films and books) I will attempt to not give away endings! so lets begin with my first review:

This book was written by Ali McNamara in 2010. The book is a totally cheesy girly indulgent book. It has a simple story that is easy to follow without the need for a lot of extra thinking. The ending is predictable, possibly from the blurb, if you are as good at me as guessing endings! The book was a pleasure to read that I would recommend to any girl who wanted something easy and enjoyable to read! You find yourself trying to find references to movies in your life to! Its a perfect summer read for by the pool!


  1. huh i thought this post was about the films at first, both of which are great. I looked up the book on amazon, it seems okay

  2. Books are always better than films, just sayin' ^ ^

  3. @Catherine- totally agree- I love a good book- then watch a film and criticize what it misses out!

    @someguy- it is a deceptive title- i was just testing out to see how a review went for now- was just a nice holiday read! i'll do more soon i think, i love to know other peoples reviews-

    whats your favourite book?